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Over 600.000 products available immediatly for the fields of antibodies, biochemicals, inhibitors, reagents and much, much more...
High-quality disposable and reusable surgical standard and specialty instruments made of matte, satin brushed steel.
Equipment and reagents for systematic screening, monitoring, diagnostics, imaging, and consumables.
Thanks to our many years of experience and our consistent response to your needs, we can strategically implement medical innovations.
If you need it, we can get it! Global purchasing and procurement for all items and products you might need, including custom orders.
Always sterile, always new - Scholz Instruments -
A clean and simple solution!

We manufacture sterile disposable instruments under the „Scholz Instruments“ brand name as well as reusable instruments for use in operating theatres, outpatient centres, and hospital wards. Never has it been more cost-effective to have high-tech instruments of the highest quality available in new and always sterile condition. Our high-quality disposable instruments, made of brushed and matte steel, offer just that convenience. The broad assortment of Scholz Instruments (standard product portfolio includes around 100 instruments) is suitable for all standard procedures and is continuously expanding.


If you find that you’re missing a particular instrument, we will be pleased to assist you with special order items to meet your requirements.Please call us at +49 (0)89 - 67 84 5355 or send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will be pleased to advise you.

All of our instruments are certified according to the EN ISO 13485 standard and meet the EC conformity requirements of 93/42/EEC.


Today, many operations are standard. Even the OR instruments and materials are often the same. That's why we configure entire OR sets for you, assembled to your specifications - ready for use on a sterile tray.

Let’s say you need three small and five large swabs, tubes, suture material, instruments, slotted dressings etc. We will pre-assemble your customised OR set according to your requirements and specifications, even including products from other manufacturers. The only requirement: The material must fit on the tray and be suitable for gamma or ETO radiation. We currently supply several hospitals with our sterile disposable instruments, and for some of them we are the exclusive provider. Please contact us for detailed information about our instruments and free samples so you can experience our quality first-hand.


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Die neue Plattform zum Infor­ma­tions­aus­tausch und Net­wor­king zwischen Ein­käufern, Her­stel­lern, Ärzten und medi­zi­ni­schem Fach­per­sonal weltweit.
Die neue Plattform zum Infor­ma­tions­aus­tausch und Net­wor­king zwischen Ein­käufern, Her­stel­lern, Ärzten und medi­zi­ni­schem Fach­per­sonal weltweit.
Die zentrale internationale Pro­dukt­da­ten­bank für Hersteller und Ein­käufer von Klinik- und Laborbedarf.